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The recording process

Making a recording with the BSO is a simple process, the steps are as follows:

  1. Recording plan and budget. To carry it out, we need to have the following data:

    • Orchestra formation (or number of musicians)

    • Approximate number of minutes of music to record or hours of recording

    • Would we use piano, organ or other unusual instruments during the recording?

    • Will we provide the conductor for the recording?

    • What other services would they need: would they provide service, orchestration, video service, remote recording, etc.

    • Other additional services: hotel, transportation, etc ...

  2. Selecting dates for recording

  3. Hiring and first payment of the recording (approximately 3 weeks before the recording)

  4. Making the recording

  5. Immediate delivery of the recording at the end of it

  6. Second payment (up to 7 days after recording)


Frequent questions

What kind of recording sessions does the BSO do?

We try to be as flexible as possible in organizing recordings and we have two types of sessions:

4 hour session with two 20 minute breaks

3 hour session with a 25 minute break

We also offer 1 hour overtime after a 4 hour or 3 hour session.

For sessions shorter than 3 hours, we offer our shared sessions with symphonic or string training.

Do you offer any advice for production?

We also offer you free advice at any time by video conference on the recording process, how to organize the recording, advice on preparing scores, recording sessions, etc.

You can contact our producer: David Hernando Rico ( )

How are the payments for the recording made?

Payments can be made by bank transfer .

Who is the usual conductor during recordings?

The usual conductor is David Hernando Rico ( , it is possible to communicate in English or Spanish throughout the recording process.

Does the BSO have special prices according to projects?

The BSO offers special prices for educational projects, promotion of young composers, all types of projects with an important media reflection as well as especially relevant projects.

Who can conduct the BSO on a recording?

To conduct a symphony orchestra, especially during a recording, extensive previous experience is necessary, but we are always open to collaboration with composers as conductors, in these cases there will be a recording producer provided by the BSO, who will supervise the entire recording. .

Is it possible to make changes to the orchestra line-up a few days before recording?

If possible, make changes to the training. They must be small changes, in case of reducing the number of musicians, it may carry a penalty if they are made less than 48 hours before the start of the recording.

Is it possible to add overtime to a recording session?

It is possible to add extra time to a recording session although it is not possible to guarantee 100% that all musicians will be available if given very short notice.

What rights does the BSO grant to a recording?

The transfer of rights to a recording is total and with an indefinite period

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