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Online recordings with the BSO

For more than 20 years, the BSO has been recording “on-line”. We have gone through several systems. The first system we used was ISDN networks (ISDN), which is still used in the world of radio to this day.

For a few years we have been using professional and specific software for online recordings: Source-connect from the company Source-elements ( This software allows any composer around the world to world, without needing to install any program or purchase any application, speak directly with the orchestra director and the recording technician throughout the entire recording process.

It is very important for the entire recording process to be able to have quick communication with the client, we do not use any type of chat, but simply direct and spoken communication between the composer (or producer) and the client. the orchestra director and the recording technician. In this way the recording process is fluid and any query from the director or technician and any suggestion from the composer can be resolved quickly and easily.

It is also possibleto listen to the recording from different locations, with which the composer, the arranger and the mixing engineer can be in their different studios, all at the same time listening to the recording and participating in actively in its development, in the same way as if they were in the studio.

This type of production has a large number of advantages:

· Reduction of travel-hotel expensesand production times

· Same recording quality as in an in-person recording

· Immediate delivery of the recording files with which it is possible to begin the mixing process immediately< /em>

This software also currently allows you to view the recording room as well as other information about the recording session (measure number of the Protools session for example).

For more information about this service, you can consult other information on our website: https://en.

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