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Online recordings


The BSO has an experience of more than 20 years making recordings remotely, working in this way regularly and recording all musical styles.

If the composer, or part of the recording team, cannot attend the recording in Bratislava, it is always possible to be present remotely. The composer and his team can be in a studio listening during the recording with the same quality as in the control of Bratislava and speak directly with the conductor and the recording technician. You can also watch the orchestra during recording.

To be able to connect, you only need to have an internet connection and it is not necessary to have any specific software or make any financial investment.

The way of working is exactly the same as if you were in the studio during the recording, allowing the composer or producer to be in direct contact with the conductor and the recording team.

In less than 24 hours the composer and the entire team can already have the recording.


Frequent questions

What software does the BSO use during the comeback recordings?

For this type of recording we use the professional and free software for our clients: Source-connect.

Can I speak directly to the conductor during the recording?

All comments on the performance, necessary changes, take number, etc., can be discussed directly during recording and at any time with the conductor and recording technician.

Can I see the orchestra during the recording?

Yes, during the recording you will be able to see the orchestra at all times.

Do I need to buy any software to be able to connect?

No, you do not need to buy any specific software.


Is a special internet connection necessary?

No, with a standard internet connection it is enough to be able to follow the recording without any difficulty.

It is important to use an ethernet connection (not WIFI).

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