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Bratislava Symphony Choir

The Bratislava Symphony Choir was founded in 2005.


Our goal was to create a choir of professional singers from choirs such as the Slovak Philharmonic and the National Opera Choir, with excellent vocal preparation , good sight reading and recording experience . Currently we have a symphonic choir with 40 voices (10,10,10,10) and minor formations that range from 16 singers (4,4,4,4).

We also have different solo voices: soprano , alto , tenors , baritones and basses , to record music in different styles : opera , pop , folk , etc.

All singers who know how to sing can sing in different languages ​​such as: English , German , Spanish , Russian , Latin ...

Since its creation our choir has participated in all kinds of film recordings ( Penguins or Madagascar , Angy Birds ), video games ( Castlevania, Xenoblade 2 ), pop music, classical music recordings and sampler recordings.

Recording Examples with choir

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