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Best scoring stages in central Europe

Bratislava Symphony Orchestra & Choir

When I founded the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra in 2000 , together with a selection of the best musicians from Bratislava, we had the intention of creating an orchestra with a high level of  musicality, flexible enough for the realization of all kinds of projects and capable of continuous improvement in capability and professionalism. Today, 23 years later and with more than 900 projects completed and heard worldwide, we continue to improve.

Making recordings with a symphony orchestra is one of the great specializations in the world of recording professionals and professional musicians.

Being able to carry out recordings with an orchestra necessarily involves a series of essential factors: a venue with acoustics specially designed for recording, professional symphonic musicians who specialize in recording, recording technicians with knowledge specific to orchestral recording and a complete team that can carry out projects involving a large number of people and which makes everything work smoothly.

The BSO, for more than 20 years, has been carrying out this work, completing more than 900 different projects in all musical styles that have been and are being heard throughout the world.

Composers such as Michel Legrand, Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Brian Tyler, John Debney, Roque Baños, Gaute Storaas, Tamer Karawan, Pessi Levanto, Federico Jusid, and Otto M. Schwarz record regularly with us.

The BSO has made recordings with a complete symphonic orchestra (85 musicians), including a grand pipe organ, symphonic (50 singers) and children's choirs, chamber ensembles (string quartets, wind quintets, etc.) and symphonic band ensembles.

We offer professionalism, sincerity, careful and thorough preparation, and above all, an exclusive dedication to the specific needs of each project. We are a team of technicians, musicians and musicologists willing to undertake any recording, no matter how complicated, and complete it to the highest standards.


David Hernando Rico

Founder of the BSO, conductor and producer of recordings

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